Getting Connected With Sensors

Training with biometric sensors can really improve the results you get, and getting connected is very easy.

Motivo supports the two most popular types of sensor; ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart. Both are readily available and from many suppliers, including:


Chain Reaction Cycles


Wahoo Fitness

You just need to choose the best sensor option(s) for you.

1. Bluetooth Smart / BLE - Suitable for iPhone 4S

Bluetooth Smart sensors connect directly to your iPhone without any additional equipment. The Wahoo Fitness range of sensors are dual band so will also connect to your Garmin device!


Wahoo Fitness BLUE HRWahoo Fitness Speed Cadence


Motivo supports all Bluetooth Smart heart rate montiors, such as the Wahoo BLUE HR or Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor. We also support the Wahoo BLUE Speed & Cadence sensor.

Bluetooth Smart is supported on the:

iPhone iPhone 4S / 5 / 5C / 5S / 6 / 6S
6 Plus and 6S Plus
NEW iPod Touch (5th generation)
iPad (3rd and 4th generations)
iPad Mini. 

2. ANT+™ - Suitable for iPhones 3GS / 4 / 4S - for 5 and later see note below

These are very easily available, affordable and reliable. An example ANT+ sensor is a Garmin heart rate monitor. On all ANT+ devices you should be able to find a logo:


In addition to the ANT+ sensor(s) of your choice, you will need a Wahoo ANT+ Key or Bike Case to connect them to your iPhone. They are available worldwide from Wahoo Fitness.

ANT+ iPhone KeyANT+ Bike Case


We've got 3 lists of suitable devices, including those made by Garmin, CycleOps and Wahoo Fitness. Check out these links for all the details:

Heart Rate Monitors Speed and Cadence Sensors Power Meters

Note: iPhone 5 / 5C and 5S users will also need a genuine Apple Lightening to 30-pin Adapter to use the ANT+ Key. Non-genuine items are not guaranteed to work with accessories such as sensors.

Whichever sensors you decide to use, connecting them is done from the Sensors setting screen. Just wake the sensor up / put it on and  toggle the relevant switch. The app will search for it and connect in a few seconds.