Heart Rate Training Zones

Your heart rate training zones are calculated for you, based on one of the following variables:

  1. Your age and gender - These are taken from your personal settings so it is important to make sure they are set correctly.
  2. Your Max Heart Rate - Again, you can adjust this in your Fitness Settings.
  3. Your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) - This can be manually entered, if you know it, or you can do the Heart Rate Test and we'll calculate it for you.

It's important to note that these variables are listed in reverse priority order. As soon as you manually enter a Max HR value, it will override your zones calculated from your personal settings. Equally, if you enter a LTHR value, that will override any other values.

Percentages used to calculate zones based on Age/Gender and Max HR:

Zone Lower Upper Description
Zone 1 52 59 Active Recovery
Zone 2 59 73 Endurance
Zone 3 73 82 Tempo
Zone 4 82 92 Threshold
Zone 5 92 96 VO2 Max
Zone 6 96 99 Anaerobic


Percentages used to calculate zones based on LTHR:

Zone Lower Upper Description
Zone 1 60 68 Active Recovery
Zone 2 68 84 Endurance
Zone 3 84 94 Tempo
Zone 4 94 105 Threshold
Zone 5 105 110 VO2 Max
Zone 6 110+   Anaerobic