Find a Workout Screen

The Find a Workout screen gives you lot of useful infomation to help you find a great workout. Tapping on any of the workouts listed will take you to a full view of the workout details before you save it to your schedule.

Search filters: Limit the workouts you are shown with these simple to use search filters. You can filter by workout type, owner or tap the magnifying glass to do a basic text search. These filters will really help you to find the killer workout you're after.

Private workouts are those that you have created and set to be only visible to you. Shared workouts have been created by other users and made visible to anyone. Pro workouts are provided by professional, qualified coaches - there's no extra costs to do these!

Workout type: Each workout targets a specific type of training. The types include workouts that give target heart rates, power output or rate of effort (RPE). Each type displays a different icon to help make it clear

Workout length: It's pretty clear - This shows you how long the workout is in hours, minutes and seconds.