The Workout Screen

The workout screen shows everything you need to get a great workout. You'll see how hard you should be working, how well you are performing and how long you have left to go

Your performance: The graphs show an overview visual of the workout and segment view below. If you have sensors connected, you will also see real-time lines drawn for each (orange for cadence, red for heart rate and blue for power). You will also see the segment countdown timer underneath.

Your live data: Connected sensors will show with a colours icon. If the icons are grey it means you have no sensors connected. If do you have sensors connected, you will see your current values shown below the icon.

Your targets: These tell you exactly how hard you need to be pushing. On each bar with a target value (such as heart rate and cadence) you will see a marker block. They signifies your target value. For users with sensors, you should aim to fill the bar to the target marker. For RPE users, it's up to you to decide how that feels