How is Motivo different to other apps?

Motivo is the first complete, customisable personal coaching iPhone app for cyclists. It is designed to simplify the science of performance improvement, which means you no longer have to worry that you are training correctly and you get a truly motivating indoor cycling experience.

Motivo can provide you with a flexible yet structured coach-designed training plan to help you achieve you goals. You have complete control of the days you train and the workouts you do.

Motivo combines all of the more familiar aspects of training solutions, from plan selection, creation and management to training tracking and analysis, but more importantly, it delivers the contents of your training plan to you whilst you train. It's the coach that comes with you on every ride.

With the use of biometric sensors, Motivo guides you through your training based on your personal heart rate and/or power zones, so you get the best results in the time you have.