Supported ANT+ Speed/Cadence Sensors

When combined with the Wahoo ANT+ Key or Bike Case, Motivo is able to connect to the following ANT+™ Speed & Cadence sensors.

Manufacturer Sensor Unit
Bontrager Duotrap Digital Speed/Cadence Sensor
Bontrager Interchange Digital Combo Sensor
Echowell Electronic Co., Ltd. ComboSensor/GTR20 (Speed plus Cadence)
Garmin GSC™ 10 Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor
iBike iBike Combined Speed & Cadence Sensor Model BKM4G
Motorola Motorola Bike Speed & Cadence Sensor
o-synce macro2sx com
Timex Bike Speed + Cadence Sensor
Wahoo Fitness Wahoo Cycling Speed/Cadence Sensor
Xplova Cadence Combo Sensor