Wahoo KICKR Support

Motivo supports the Wahoo KICKR in both Sim and Erg mode (version 2.0.6 and later).

Erg Mode:
With Erg mode enabled (and your KICKR connected as a power device), Motivo will ensure that your trainer resistance is set to consistently keep your power output on target.

This means that regardless of your gearing selection or cadence, your power output should always remain the same (within a few watts). Throughout a workout you will never need to change gear.

This is a brilliant way to train, as not only is your power always on target, but it allows you to select a gear that keep the trainer RPM down, and therefore the noise. Especially useful in quiet places.

We recommend that you select a gear that keeps your chain nice and straight / in-line to reduce any undue strain on the drivetrian. This is usually the small or inner front ring and the middle of the cassette on the back.

To enable Erg mode you wil need to connect your KICKR as a power device on the Settings > Sensors screen, you should then move to the Settings > Equipment area of Motivo, select Wahoo Fitness from the Turbo Trainer list and switch the Erg Mode toggle to ON. There is no need to change your wheel size selection. 

Sim Mode:
Using Sim mode means that you're responsible for keeping your power on target through the user of your gearing and cadence, much like it would be on the road. 

Sim mode is enabled by default.

In both cases you'll see your live power output during the workout, as well as a blue power history line on the graph.