Wattbike Support

Great news! The 2013 Wattbike Performance Computers are now able to transmit your performance data via four ANT+ channels. That means you're able to connect your Wattbike to Motivo and display / record your speed, cadence and power output in your workouts, for full the training experience.

In order to use this Wattbike functionality you will need to:

  1. Ensure that you have a Model B Performance Computer and have firmware 1.15 or above. You can get the latest firmware from the official Downloads page and install it onto your Wattbike. For further help, see the Wattbike video tutorial
  2. Select the correct ANT Channel on your Wattbike - Another great video tutorial
  3. Select Settings, Device Settings, and choose the ANT+ channel SPC + PWR. That will transmit both your Speed & Cadence data and Power output. 

If you do not have a 2013 Wattbike you can trade in your 2012 Performance Computer with Wattbike and upgrade it to a 2013 model. More information can be found here: Performance Computer 2013.

Connecting your Wattbike to an iPhone will require a Wahoo ANT+ Key or a Wahoo iPhone case.

ANT+ keys are small, simple devices that plug into your 30 pin iPhone connector (the same one your charger plugs into). It allows your ANT+ biometric sensors to communicate with your phone, sending it all of the wonderful information that you use when you train. 

Motivo supports the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ key only. Keys/Adapters provided by Garmin, Digifit or other manufacturers are not supported.

Note: iPhone 5 / iPod Touch 5 and iPad Mini users will also need a genuine Apple Lightening to 30-pin Adapter to use the ANT+ Key. Non-genuine items are not guaranteed to work with accessories such as sensors.

Wahoo ANT+ keys are available worldwide from directly from WahooFitness

Connecting your Wattbike is done from the Sensors setting screen in the app. Just toggle the relevant switch and you'll get your current reading shown to you.