SimWatts: Help overview

SimWatts lets you train with a simulated power output and it only requires two basic items (click the links for more info):

You just need to pop into your app settings, select your trainer from the list and switch the SimWatts toggle to 'ON'

If you don't have one of the listed trainers, drop us a note. We're always adding new ones and we love to hear from you. In the meantime you could select any other trainer in the list. Whilst the power reading probably won't be accurate to the truth (due to the difference in power curves from trainer to trainer) it is still a perfectly good reference point - So long as you use the same one every time!

Whilst not a true replacement for a torque based power meter, SimWatts gives you a very good reference point for your performance.

Every effort has been made to make SimWatts as accurate as possible, but it’s perfectly possible for the reading to vary from the output of a true power meter. This is because simple things can dramatically affect the resistance curve of your indoor trainer, such as ambient temperature, body weight and tyre pressure. 

SimWatts users also have access to Functional Threshold Power testing, which gives great benchmarking for tracking your gains. It will also be used to calculate your power training zones.