Workouts: The Builder

Ready to start building your own, completely custom workouts? Great! The Motivo Workout Builder makes it nice and simple.

Select an empty day on your calendar and you'll see the 'Build a Workout' button.

The first things you will be asked for are the basic workout details, such as the name, description and workout level. You will also be asked to select a workout type - you'll get an explanation of each when you select it, so pick the one that sounds right for you. Heart Rate Zone is the most popular.

If you want to make the workout available for everyone to try , go for it - If not, it will stay for your eyes only.

You'll start with an empty workout template, ready to populated with all the segments you want.

A workout is made up of a collection of individual segments. Each one is defined by:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Length
  • Target value
  • Target cadence

Existing workout segments in Motivo are listed on the left hand side of the screen for easy access. If you want to re-use one just find the one you wish to use and drag it into your new workout builder.

You can also create new ones Just hit the button...

 And enter the values... If you need to edit any the segments afterwards, just hit the edit button.

You can change the segment position in the workout too by dragging and dropping it in the list.

As segments are added, you will see the workout graph being created, along with the list of sectors that you have already created and the total workout duration. It all happens real-time.


Select the date you want to use the workout and hit Save - you're all done! If you save it to the wrong day, don't worry because you can move it in you calendar at any time.